07 October, 2006

New and Improved

Just quickly: Ken has arrived and now we have wireless! And we're going back to Nha Trang next weekend for more beach fun. And I love working at Saigon Yoga three mornings a week, and I still love my tutoring job.

Ken kicks travel butt: a mere hour after being picked up at the airport, he proved himself awake enough to join my gaggle of friends at Vasco's (noisy westerners' bar) and drink beer and make conversation. Wow. Then we walked the streets eating steamed pork buns. "What jet lag?"

More to come later!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Huzzah for Ken in Viet Nam! Glad to hear you landed safely, bro! Now let's figure out (All together, now)... what's the time dif. twix HCMC and Tbilisi? (I'm on dial-up in Sighnaghi right now, so I leave this to you...). Love you both,

slightly tipsy - o ghvino! dzalian miqvars!


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