30 September, 2006

Thanks, all who voted!

And of course, if you haven't voted you're allowed to do it now, but I've just officially declined the offer to work full time. If you're not sure how you feel about something, flip a coin. Then, if you're disappointed with the outcome, you'll know you must've wanted to choose the other option. Not really practical for big complex decisions, but great with the little "should I or shouldn't I" things in life. After all, what's that they say? It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. So rather than take the job and need to ask for permission to leave it later, I just had to ask for forgiveness and understanding about not wanting the job. I was honest about what I'm looking for; she recognized and appreciated that honesty. And I suggested that she call me if she wants me to come in at random to lead some sort of arts & crafts, drama, or music program for the kiddies. Yay.

On another note, my new friend Sonja is amazing. She's a silversmith and has a big porch that she's willing to share so I'm looking into how much it would cost to set up a little hothead torch and begin churning out the beads again... and then my life would be complete! Great friends, cheap living, big city, yoga community, earning my living. Nice. Plus I'm going to a big drama club playtime thing with the Saigon Players on Wednesday. Improv games, anyone?

Also the plans for the second beach trip are underway... planned for a few weeks after Kenny gets here so that he has time to acclimate. The only sad this is that Corey won't be back from Canada by then, so we'll have to be Corey-less. Our new friend Kim is going to show us stuff that's off the beaten path and she knows where to rent motorbikes... so guess I need to buy myself a helmet by then! Here's a random shot of me, Sonja, and Kim:

Life is good.

Now it's time to move in to my new place.


Serena said...

Ya know, Jess, I didn't vote - but I do want to put in my two cents! It seems to me that you have been doing well for yourself so far by freelancing your skills. This has allowed you to be flexible in the creation of your new lifestyle, which is good for the flowing fish. It is a blessing to be able to allow oneself the freedom to choose where and how to step (or skip, or dance) through each day.

It also seems to me that you were able to find a full-time position with relative ease, and that if the need arises another door will likely open for you in a similar manner.

In short, and for what it's worth: I support your decision to be creatively, intuitively free. And I HONOR you from within my (for the moment) fairly predictable schedule. (And having said that, I realize I have thus extended an open invitation for the winds of sweeping change to lift me up in unexpected ways. Such is life!)

I thank you for sharing your experiences with us all, Jess. Much Love and many blessings,


Joe said...

Hey Jess

I voted ages ago and would have made the same choice.

Remember that you are more likely to find the shiny treasures lying along the way when you take the path less travelled!

Use the full-time gig as a fall back option (you won't need to), and have some more free-spirit fun (like you have been). When does Ken join the blog?


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