08 September, 2006


Supportive quote of the day:
"Saigon sounds like heaven if heaven were greasy."
-Ken S.

Well, I've been demoted. Sort of. I'm now an afternoon nanny. Which I think might end up being a good thing. Email for details and I'll fill your ears.

But in short, it goes like this: I was told it was a live in position-- it was not. I was told all expenses covered-- but I was paying transportation, utilities, and for my groceries. I was told to cook and clean-- I made one dinner, the kids didn't dig it, I was thought of as unable to do so. Not exactly the contract we agreed on before I came over. So, as shaky as I feel about being thought of as doing a poor job (I hate being in trouble with authority figures, I hate it I hate it) and being asked to not come over at 6:15am anymore (oh wait, I'm fine with that), I am now officially a part-timer and I am free to do whatever else I can or want during the other half of my life.

So! Kind readers, gentle friends, I announce to you: I am going to become an editor! Not a full time one, but a free-lance one. There are so many companies here who are trying very hard to advertise in English but typos, crazy grammar, and other bad things abound in almost every piece of print that I read. So if I get some business cards made up and start handing them out, hopefully I can land some good take-home pieces that I can do in my free time.

And just for those who may be feeling doubtful (and to make myself feel a little better) I proudly announce that without even advertising, just through word of mouth by one of my six friends, I have landed a $20/hour English tutoring gig on Saturdays. And I have every reason to think that there's more where that came from. Woooo!

It's gonna be ok. I got the fish put permanently on my foot so that I could remember to go with the flow. Well baby, the flow has arrived.

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