04 September, 2006

Feelin' Scroogey

As in Mr. Scrooge.

The totals are in: in my first 10 days, I spent 1,828,000d or $114.17. This averages out to about $11/day. I am not pleased with this. I know that I can do better. Plus, after encouraging talks with new friends, I feel like I can pick up an English lesson here and there during my free mornings and charge between $15-20/hour, which would help things greatly.

It feels good to eat cheaply and I know my spending has not been at all excessive. Why do i feel like my paycheck is slipping down the drain?

One plan: I'm buying a bicycle this week. A used one should cost about $50, a new one about $70, and I can put it on my Visa card. Because let's see... (totalling it up)...I spent 464,000d on motorbike and taxi rides this week. That's $29, holy freaking crap! This must stop. I'm buying a bicycle.

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