30 October, 2006


I tried to cut up a pineapple the Vietnamese way, which turned out to be a sin and a crime against tropical fruits everywhere. I have mad respect for the spiraling beauties we buy on the street- to carve a pineapple is along the lines of, I imagine, building those giant sand castles, in that the stuff you're working with is unwieldy and gets absolutely everywhere. It still tasted divine, though.

In a funny stroke of luck, I forgot my pin number for my debit card due to lack of use. Ha!

So, as for Halloween, I've been having a blast explaining it to my tutorees. It seems like most Vietnamese kids have heard of Halloween, and my kids even picked up the word "monster" with spooky hand gestures somewhere, but I'm not sure if what I'm explaining to them in regards to how you go about it all is making any sense, so tomorrow I'm bringing basic costume items and some makeup over (and candy, duh) and we're going to play at trick-or-treating for part of our lesson time. The girl pointed out that I had something ("ew") stuck in my eyelashes today, and I tried pantomiming/sketching out the whole fake eyelashes and glue concept. The kids seem skeptical; I might just rock the lashes tomorrow for our lesson.

As far as the grown up Halloweening goes, some friends and I decided on a group theme for Saturday night, and we might just re-do it again tomorrow for actual Halloween. The idea was Wizard of Oz (ok, not the most creative, but we have some diverse tastes in the group, and the 1983 Roller Derby champions idea got vetoed- dang!). Not everyone in our group had seen the Wizard of Oz, so I created this little photoshop piece to provide inspiration:

To see how we actually turned out, check out the Halloween photos at my flickr page. See if you can tell who is supposed to be who.

In other news, we bought Ken some dress-up clothes so he can look like the smart, sassy young professional that he truly is. Check out the smarmy look and the Gucci shoes:

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