21 October, 2006

He did it!

We had a fun squealy moment this morning when Kenny checked his email and found out he made a 165 on the LSAT: which lands him in the 93rd percentile and happens to be way above how well he thought he'd do. Yipee!

I love exchanges that go something like, "so where are you going to law school?" "anywhere I want!"

In other news, I'm just hanging out, doing the day to day part timer thing, enjoying sleeping in every other day and spending lots of contemplative time as the lone white sardine in a xe buýt full of sardines. Also, I'm hoping to hear from the fun International School that needs a half-time ceramics, half-time drama teacher. Bliss.

When day dreaming about what I'd like to do when I go back to the states, which is presumably this summer, I like to imagine that the next step in my Plan (an elusive thing) is to do the Waldorf certification thing. My good friend Kim and I just discovered this is a common interest (she did hers in Arizona) and it made me excited to go back to 'school' and 'learn more.' But maybe it's just the academia wafting over from Ken's desk, who is currently going back and forth between drooling over the Law School directory and laughingly maniacally to himself. What a success!

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Joe said...

Message for kenny: congratulations!!! so which school ARE you going to?

Message for jess: the photos in your previous blog are amazing. The cottage with the tile roof is quite extraordinary. send it through if you can!

I really want to be there now!

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