10 March, 2007

Just being here

Just been hanging out in Charlotte. I've been:

-walking/jogging every morning, because it's such nice weather (i.e., not as hot as Saigon) and you can go at any point in the day
-getting extremely sleepy at about 9pm every night. Like, druggedly so. Eyelids with a mind of their own. It feels weird.
-marvelling at lack of motorbikes, lack of men peeing on sidewalks
-marvelling at automobile super army: all huge, all shiny, all almost empty
-eating Vietnamese food, that although made by Vietnamese people, is not anywhere near as good as it is, obviously, in Vietnam. Been eating banh xeo every chance I get. The fish sauce here is sadly watered down, and hardly fishy. Never thought that'd be a problem, eh?
-Finally ordered my flameworking equipment, and am now officially without any savings at all (which is ok, since the savings account will refill itself shortly due to house sitting/office work and summer camp, thank god)
-Started a facebook page, due to so much free time and internet availability
-Am flying to Vermont on Monday!
-and today Cara, Liam, and Julia are all driving from their starting points all over NC to come hang out with me, hooray.

Oh yeah, I've also been taking full advantage of my parents' mini hot tub thing that sits on our back porch. Ahhhh.


Karen said...

Ken writes that he has been battling the 7 or 8 cats that are distributed in a fine layer of dander and hair throughout the house. Make sure Ken shows you where Hollister Hill farm is (great bacon there!). Membership at Savoy -- the indie movie-theater and video-rental place in Montpelier -- is also a must-have. And it's likely that there's already literature about this at the house, but the Green Mountain Film Festival, which takes place in Montpelier, is starting this week. Happy trails!

Jonny FIre said...

I tried to call your old number knowing it wouldn't work the day you got back. I talked to a girl who has the same Carolina accent as you.
Do you have a new phone yet?

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr