30 March, 2007


The snow is melting and revealing things, funny things. Today on my walk I discovered a place where there were dozens and dozens of piles of dog poop. What made all the dogs want to poop there? And now that the snow has given them back their sacred ground, will they continue to add to the collection?

Also, I just reread over the past few entries and it seems like Blogger is doing some wack things with my formatting, as you can see below. Pieces of sentances are missing, some spaces are taken out, making the wordslook likethis, and there are times when in the middle of a column, the sentance will jump down and continue on the next line (not sure what this is called, but I know it has a symbol like pi with a twirly top).

In this house there are two cats. One is LOUD and mrows constantly. The other one is silent and hugely fat, and likes to lie on the floor on his back with his legs poking out of his massive hairy body, like fuzzy popsicle sticks askew. When you pass by, he will make little jabs at your ankle with his paws, trying to grab you. The best thing is when you're downstairs and he is upstairs and the house is quiet, you can feel the house shake as he jumps down from whatever perch he's just abandoned. Boom! Scamper scamper scamper.

I discovered the other day the logic behind why my knitting looks different from every one else's. It turns out I've been doing something called "twisting my stitches," inserting the right hand needle into the back of the loop instead of through the front and out the back. I always wondered how everyone else was knitting so much faster than I was, and I thought there was just something wrong with the muscles in my fingers that was keeping me from holding the yarn around my right index finger and making it fly onto the needles, a tazmanian clickity-clack tornado of needles and string like you see in the cartoons. Sooo, I sat myself down with a bowl of yesterday's veggie chili and the first Lord of the Rings movie, and taught myself how to knit the 'right' way. And you know what? It's damn fast. I am so proud of myself. The only problem is, I'm knitting a sock, and as we all know, you pretty much have to make both socks the same. So when it's time for me to make sock #2, I'll have to knit 'wrong' (with the twisting stitches) until the same point where I switched today. Ah, well. Such is the price of education.

Speaking of education... when will I hear from Prescott?? They said by the end of the month at the latest. Well, it's here! So did I get it? Argh!

Last night I went to Burlington to see the adorable and vivacious Sweetback Sisters play their early country/honky-tonk set. It was such a sweet little show. They manage the perfect blend of polished and thrown togetherness.

Today is sunny and cold. I have dark chocolate covered almonds and fresh carrot ginger juice. Later, when I'm stressed out, will someone remind me how happy I am right now? Thanks.

Oh yeah, the one bad thing about keeping an online journal is that the 'real life' journal gets forgotten about and sits gathering dust. Here is a picture of my real life journal, just so I can invoke its presence here and hopefully motivate myself to get it out and shake the dust away.

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