29 March, 2007

News From the Frontlines!


For over twenty-four hours now, the CC has been demonstrating what can only be called monumental self-control over the urge to change time. This morning at precisely 0745 the oven and microwave clocks were unveiled in celebration, amidst high-fives, toothy grins, and bagel sandwiches.

It was over all too soon, however, when it was discovered that yesterday while I was in Montpelier, not one but two lowfat ice cream sandwiches went missing from the freezer, leaving all present to wonder if what we have here was a kryptonic force or mere premature celebration on behalf of the triumphant clock resistance.

In any case, stay tuned for tonight's drama, called Jessica Goes to Burlington until at least Ten o'Clock, or, the CC Versus the Kitchen Clock Army, Part Deux.

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