18 October, 2007


I feel down in the dumps. Too stressed about small things. Procrastinating and ignoring the big things. Broke yet still buying things. Constantly showering yet hair is still limp and yucky looking.

Sigh. Mope. Drag.


Karen said...

Hey there,

Are you feeling any better? Bike off to the shop yet? Any headway in your online search for journal articles (skype status says so, anyway!).

I have a link for you. A guy in my class has an old food blog. I've been using it to procrastinate -- nothing like looking for fish tacos and margaritas online when you should be reading! -- and as a launching pad for elaborate fantasies of where to take you and Ken to eat when next we are in the same Nor'easterly zipcode. (I seriously think we should hit the Russian Baths and guzzle some sangria this December. Think it might happen?)

Here's the link: The Tasteland.

Good luck with your everything.

Karen said...

Oh, I should say that a few months of that blog - the ones that show up on the home page - are from a backpacking trip through Europe, and so are less fun to mull over. (Likelihood of actually getting to any of those places is much lower).

Also: did you notice, VH is doing a Georgia workshop. Are you sure you want to go to Ukraine this summer? Just saying...

Sorry to use your blog for email. It just happens.


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