15 October, 2007

NYC, Bike, Projects

We went to NYC this weekend to help Karen celebrate her birthday. We had the most fabulous dinner at the high grade Japanese restaurant attached to the Waldorf Astoria (well, well!) and roamed around Brooklyn, checking out all the beautiful second hand stores and flashy jewelry-and-furniture boutiques. Awesome fun. I love riding the trains because it lets me knit: I have made much progress on my Mom's secret Xmas present project, and am now satisfied enough (temporarily) to work on my research paper due this coming weekend.

Sad thing: my bike had an accident. No one was on it at the time, so all humans are unharmed. But the bike... oh, the bike. One severely bent back wheel. One (probably) bent front wheel. The little cylinder that contains the gears? Oh yeah, the "hub"? Probably needs to be replaced, too. Big heavy sigh. Light little wallet. Oh well.

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Chavi said...

You write very well.

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr