11 June, 2008

The final 48 hours: Tuesday night

Ok. It's almost time to pack for summer. I can't pack my clothes yet, since there are still three more days of work to not be naked for, but I can pack my knitting. I've put a lot of thought and planning into which exact projects to pack up for the next 3 months. It wasn't easy: there are a handful of projects that need to be finished, so obviously I must bring those, but what about after those? I have two halfway-round-the-world flights to sit through, plus two whole weeks of vacation at my Mom's house, plus 5 weeks of summer camp (not that I have much free time there, but the locale just screams for handwork: picture sitting in a rocking chair on a wide, old fashioned porch, fireflies twinkling in the dusk, the bullfrogs burping placidly in the lake nearby..)

Anyway, here's the list I finally decided on. (all links lead to Flickr)

1. Purple so-called scarf (wip)
2. Noro stripey scarf (wip)
3. green smooshy socks (wip)
4. the orange cardigan (plus sweater design book, buttons, extra skein)(wip)
4. the green wool-ease chunky yarn for banded hat (w/ button)
5. the wedding blanket [click here to see it, if you are not Nathan or Suzannah. No cheating.]
6. Green superwash lace from Tess Yarns for the Lily of the Valley shawl (Ravelry link)
7. Acero sock yarn, just in case!

*two skeins of purple Gjestal sock yarn for stash swap



Melanie said...

I'm buying some new knitting needles today:). We shall see what happens! Seriously, I'm sending you my phone # over facebook. Call me when you get to Charlotte and let's hang out. Safe travels to you, and I will look forward to keeping up with your adventures on the blog...:)

Christine said...

Happy travels, happy summer, and most especially happy knitting! Can't wait to see all those great FO's!

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr