16 June, 2008

monday update

Monday, June 16, 2008

Holy crap. Remind me never to miss the first session again. My poor replacement. She comes in knowing nothing about the millions of intricacies necessary to keeping sane in the crafts cabin, and (seemingly) she gets little help in how to run things. I show up a week later and my whole staff is stressed and mutinous. I think we’re turning things around now; we’ve had two really successful days in a row and I’m quickly identifying what needs to change and what we can improve upon from last year.

THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE HERE WHOM I DO NOT KNOW. This feels so, so strange, akin to waking up at a sleepover and realizing you’re in the wrong house. Or something. I hope that I get to know most of them over the next four weeks, but in truth, I doubt I will. My job keeps me pretty isolated and I’m so happy to see the dozen or so old friends that I have here, I just feel little motivation to play the new counselor game.

Oh! I’m teaching yoga at 7:30am every day. Well, so far. I’m replacing one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever known (Susan), who starts a very slow, very deliberate practice for anyone who wants to join at 6:45am—I cannot do what she does, nor am I willing to try and replicate that, so I’ll be doing faster paced and must less accurate yoga for thirty minutes before the breakfast bell. At 7am, I alternate swimming laps in the lake and jogging around the farm every other day. Tomorrow is a swimming morning. Hooray!

The kitchen has been laaaaaame so far. Where are the veggies?? Today I think there might have been some broccoli under the cream sauce, but for the most part—ugh. Too many carbs, not enough proof that we have an actual farm and we grow actual tons of food. And there hasn't been enough of the food, which is adding insult to injury. Hmm and arghh.

It’s late. I’m outta here. More updates later.


Anonymous said...

that sounds like an *awesome* camp. I would like to go to summer camp.

Karen said...

Sounds like you'll have the place turned around in no time...

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