16 June, 2008

friday update

Friday, June 13, 2008:

Arrival! Picked up the rental car this morning and packed it up, then drove over to the elementary graduation ceremony, which was heartwarmingly sincere and really helped add a feeling of closure to the school year. I feel really honored to be a part of this community. After the ceremony I jumped in the car and aimed it West. 8 hours later I’m driving through Brevard, and am so ridiculously pleased to be back that even the Big Kmart looks rosy-hued.

I’m in Tajar, the staff cabin, which is excellent, but am directly across the hall from D., who has been playing the same song on her keyboard and commenting aloud to herself for—checking watch—about 90 minutes now. Oh well, it’s only 5 weeks, and I’ve put up with her for longer than that. It’s weird to be in the “new” Tajar, since the old one made such an impression on me in 2001 (I think?).

So far haven’t seen many peers, but have come across a group of teens that used to be campers (and are now on Riverside) and another group of teens that used to be campers (and are now SITs). Where is Laurie? Where is Lilla? Where are Michael and Sunee?

Walked up to the Bong Tree in the gathering nightfall and just stood there with a giant grin on my face—just me, the moths circling crazily around the florescents, and the tools of my trade—staring at the tie-dyes we made last year and the batiks and the buckets of dye that has (miracle of miracles!) already been set up and organized. [Sometimes I love getting to camp a week late.]

To return to a place you love very much: that is a delicious feeling. When your feet stop on their own in the middle of the path so that you can listen closely and smell the smells and bask in the mountain range lit by moonlight—that’s how you know you’ve found a special place. Gwynn Valley, you are my love.

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