01 June, 2008

Sunday update

[First, can I say that I have "Yeah!" by Usher stuck in my head? And I kind of like it. What's going on in there?]

Hokay! So this was my weekend:

Kenny came up and we went on sort of a cardio kick. Running for miles and miles on Saturday at Waller Mill Park, running through downtown & campus this morning, and tomorrow is my weekly 5k date with Julie, so... [I saw this shorty she was checkin' up on me] Ahem. Sorry about that. It's hard to hear my thoughts. My legs are so tired, but I'm proud of how long I kept my heart rate elevated. I bought a scale at Big Lots, and I wanna see some action happening there. [Next thing I knew, she was all up on me screamin'...]

I got really organized. I bought some of those vacuum packing bags so that our woolen things (and my yarn stash) won't get eaten by moths when we leave for the summer. Most of my winter things are in a trunk with cedar balls, [But what I do know, is the way she dance, make Shorty alright with me], and I like the way you can pack up all these sweaters (or, okay, yarn) and suck the air out, leaving something that looks kinda like if a knitter went to space. I feel very prepared for a moth invasion. [And I said yay-uh! Yeah! Yeah, yeah!]

(that's the sock yarn stash. it is very flat now.)

Before I could pack up my winter coat, I realized I really needed to wash it. I'd been avoiding that since the tag says "dry clean only." But it also says "100% Wool." Dude, I know how to wash wool! I filled the tub with tepid water, put in a butt-load of Eucalan, and soaked the heck out of the jacket. It came out squeaky clean, chemical free, and more importantly, it cost me nothing. Here it is drying in the afternoon sun:

I was craving chips & salsa on Saturday. I go through these chips-and-salsa-phases sometimes, but I'm only eating baked chips right now because of the whole deep fried not being so good for you thing. Plus the gourmet baked chips at our neighborhood grocery store are pretty expensive. I remembered making home made tortilla chips my junior year with my housemates Liz and Aaron, so K and I picked up a stack of small corn tortillas in the Mexican aisle, brought them home and cut them into quarters, and baked them with fresh lime juice, thyme, and salt. Awesome. And very, very crunchy. And oil-free!

Before baking, and

Mmm. Delicious.

My herb basket is kicking out the jams these days. It helps that most of the time I remember to water them. [I get so caught up, I forgot ya told me-ee] It's a far cry from my container gardening days of yore, but the thyme, lavender, parsley, and oregano sure are handy when making pizzas or sauces.

And let's see, hmm, what else? Oh yeah [yeah!(shut up!)] I have 9 days of school left! Then it's off to camp, and then Charlotte, and then Ukraine! I'm so ready to be at camp, man. I smell the milkweed and fresh cut grass and I'm teaching the kids at school "Inch by Inch" and how to make beads out of polymer clay. I'm there already.

In the meantime, though, I'm really loving having the house to myself during the weekdays. I love it when K comes up on the weekends, but when it's just me on these peaceful, quiet, sunny evenings... well, just look at this scene. Knitting project ready on the coffee table, internet TV at my beck & call, big blue couch... doesn't that say comfy to you?

I love our apartment in the warm months. [Take that. Rewind it back. Lil' John got the beat that make your booty go-- AUGHHH!]

I think I need to call it quits for tonight...


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Those baked corn tortillas look delish...and at least you don't have the 'Love in the Club' song stuck in your mind as that song is truly, truly insipid!

Jessica K. said...

True! Although I must admit, in the spirit of full disclosure, that I'm so dorky I don't even know "Love in the Club." Perhaps if they ever parody it on 30 Rock, I'll become enlightened. (Or if I ever start teaching High Schoolers again, which is why I know "Yeah!" in the first place. )

Melanie said...

I have spent the past two days (glorious, yet completely unproductive days at work) catching up on your blog. I have three thoughts:

1. you should blog more
2. Whenever you are back in Charlotte, I would love it if you'd like to get together (and eat perhaps) and chat.
3. I wish that we had not lost touch when we were kids. I think I would have enjoyed being friends through school.

Jenny Raye said...

I am sooooo going to wash my wool coat in Eucalan now! Thanks for the tip!!!!!

Miss you at SnB!

Anonymous said...

Kick Out the Jams? I didn't know you'd ever heard the MC5.

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr