29 September, 2009

By Doze is Duffed Up

Man, so that headache I had for two whole weeks? Turns out it's an early warning sign of a sinus infection. Yesterday morning I used my fortunate free time to go sit in the trailer that is the Murphy Urgent Care. No, literally, it is in a trailer. But hey, it didn't take too long and they took my co-pay and I got a prescription for antibiotics and I already feel relief, even after only taking one dose. The headache travelled down into my nose and lungs, both of which are just full to the brim with snot. Lovely.

So! Yesterday I learned how to set up and host the Instructor Social; I got to go to town with Keisha and Jenna and learn about where everything is (apparently I'll be frequenting the hospital, gas station, craft stores, and a garage). I also got to see Liz, finally! My old college roommate whom I haven't seen in years is here, and it's so great to be in her company again. And then last night when I got home from the potluck at Robin's house (which was beautiful and homey and made me feel like I'm now officially here), I got a surprise voicemail from Nina, my other favorite college roommate. Oh, old friends cycling back through my life! I'm so glad!

Last night whie I was waiting in the living room until it was time to shut down the Keith House, a distressed student came in needing emergency help with a backed up toilet. We went all the way down to the Mill House and I brought fresh towels and lugged their wet, messy ones back up to wash. All was solved before 10pm, and I turned off all the light and went upstairs for a restless night of mouth breathing and hacking coughs. I can't wait til I feel better! I decided that maybe a Blacksmithing class would not be prudent next week, as I don't need any extra junk in my nose and lungs right now. Hopefully I'll be in jewelry. I'll find out today!

Off to serve breakfast. It was in the 40's this morning and I could see my breath!

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