27 September, 2009

First day

Today was a whirlwind. I wisely decided not to take a class (well, okay, all the ones I wanted were full, but it's a good idea anyway to take it slow my first week) and my throat has just been hurting more and more, but it was the opening day of a new session so I got to trail Jenna and learn how to set up and help run an instructor orientation and a student orientation. Before that, I got to open the History Center for the 1st time, go on rounds for studio set-up for the 1st time, and I got my official name tag!

This blog needs pictures, I know. Soon. Today I was too busy during the daylight hours, and now they wouldn't look at good. Plus, i have a date with my new neti pot (also for the first time) and hopefully that will make my sinuses act like the oughta.

Oh! Dinner tonight was so good. I had some baked fish and a huge salad, and a piece of what I thought was a veggie burger but turned out to be very good falafel. Skipped the desert. So far so good. I brought my wedding dress with me, and I really want to fit into that sucker like I should at the end of my time here. One day down...

Oh! And Robin, a friend whom I met at the Folk School a long time ago, lives right down the road and invited me to a potluck tomorrow at her house, so depending on how tomorrow evening looks I might even get off campus for a bit! Hurrah. Here's to feeling better soon.

Pictures to come!

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