19 September, 2009

September, please slow the heck down!

And again, it's been a month since posting. The other night I was lying wide awake in bed at a quarter past 1, and was almost motivated enough to sneak over to the laptop to post, but I didn't want to disturb my sweet sleeping companion. This week it's become way too clear that while leaving to live at the Folk School has many, many, positive points, one major negative is not seeing Kenny for two months. (I think that since there are no classes during Thanksgiving week, we hosts will be able to leave... I have no idea, though. If not, it'll have to be three months.)

We've gone that long before, not seeing each other, but it's tough. I keep looking over at him and noticing all the beautiful, sweet things about him all over again... but this post is not meant for mush! No! Be gone, sentiment, and let's have a packing list.

Things I need to remember to put in my car before the big drive (I'm reading this from the back of the Folk School catalog because lately I have been carrying it around with me EVERYWHERE):
-fabric stash
-yarn stash and needles and notions and works in progress and oh my god, the ENTIRE KNITTING CABINET (it's not like there isn't an amazing yarn shop in the next town over, but I'm not trying to spend money twice, you know what I mean?)
-big blue exercise/stretching ball
-yoga mat
-box of clay materials
-box of glass materials (this is in Charlotte, I'm picking it up)
-hoops, hoop tape and tools
-bag of polymer clay tools
-a few favorite mugs
-my tea stash

This does not even include clothing. Toiletries. Shoes. Cold weather gear. Computer & accessories. MY accessories. Books. Last time I moved somewhere for 6 months it was to Saigon, and I was limited to what US Air would allow me to take (i.e. a suitcase and a carry-on). I am so glad we now have two cars and I can drive one to the Folk School. THANK YOU, MARY HIRSCH!!

I think I've just overwhelmed myself. More tomorrow, because it's Sunday and I don't have to babysit or go to school. I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to the kiddies. We've got such an amazing group this year... why couldn't I have taken 6 months off last year?!

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