11 January, 2007

In Chiang Mai, the Asheville of Thailand

The train, is was a rocky one, the chairs they were not beds.
It proved a very bumpy task to try and rest my head.
I'd earplugs, though, they helped a lot when Thai teens got all chatty;
and scarves to wrap my poor cold head when brisk winds drove me batty.
I tossed and turned, but yet I slept, and when upon awaking
My window showed a marvelous thing: the sun, no longer baking!
The land is high, the air is cool, my skin no longer sweats
(except when eating spicy food, my forehead does get wet!).
All along the sidewalks here are funky fun cafes,
and yoga classes, veggie grub, and bikes on which to play.
We lost the game "Go Find your Friend" (Lauren, where were you?)
But managed yet the night market feast, and then right out of the blue:
the most glorious thing! Could it be true? Oh, how our eyes grew wide!
To look and see big glowing orbs a'hovering in the sky!
Too orange to be proper stars, and quickly moving, too:
Said I to Ken, "If aliens land, I think I'll likely poo!"
We asked the hippies on the next street to kindly look above
and tell us what it was we saw. They looked at us with love,
and gently told of how the Thais would light balloons ablaze,
and send them up into the sky to vanish in the haze.
"Aha!" cried we, "that is so cool!" and watched them float away,
then back to the guest house to crawl in bed and prepare for another Thai day.

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serena said...

very nice! i read it aloud to chilly. glad you're having fun! we love you!

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