26 January, 2007

Laos is sweet and loveable

Mmm. I like it here a lot so far. Sweet town, nice people, cheap eats, cozy weather, all the touristy things you need but not more than you'd want. Well, maybe more than you'd want. But definitely avoidable. We have rented bicycles today and are going to pedal around. Pictures of sweet, sweet little Luang Prabang are currently being uploaded. Poor Kenny is in a state of shock after being accepted to both Indiana Bloomington and William and Mary, both with scholarship money based on merit. And it's only January! We're not supposed to expect all the colleges to respond until March or April. Rock. Let's get this guy a reviving bowl of noodles.

Serena-- does the Thai restaurant in Boone have green papaya salad? It's my favorite! I'll meet you for a bowl this summer. :)


clairebearkiss said...

isn't green papaya salad super-awesome?! i had a laotian coworker recommend it once when she discovered that i love thai food.

i was also surprised how many schools sent acceptances so early when i was applying, since they had been careful to say it could be as late as april before you know. and farging NYU makes you send in a non-refundable $200 spot deposit within 3 weeks of the date of your acceptance letter. i didn't get any more acceptance letters within that 3 weeks either. since i ended up coming to NYU anyway the $200 went towards tuition, but i would have lost that money if i had decided otherwise. all because i wanted to hear back from all of the schools i applied to before i made any decisions, and didn't want to lose the spot anywhere before that time.

rant done!

Jonathan said...

Hey Bright Eyes! I should have let you know before now, but i've been keeping up with every post in your blog. I'm happy you're on such an adventure, i want to hear all the first-hand stories.

Missing you,
All my love,

~ fire

leanne said...

Go to Indiana! I may be at IU next year.

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr