25 January, 2007

"Laos" rhymes with "wow"

I have just talked to the Folk School and it seems they have a spot for me in September 2008- March 2009. So! With the excitement that that information gave me, I decided to give the whole Masters degree a whirl and I will be applying to Prescott College's distance-learning program to get my M.A. Woo!

Realizing that this is supposed to be a travel blog, I should mention that we're now in Luang Prabang, Laos. It took us three frustrating days on a slow boat from Chiang Mai, Thailand (much more on the trip will be pasted here soon, since my writings are on Kenny's laptop and we're in an Internet cafe), but boy am I glad to be on land again finally and stretching my legs.

It was greatly comforting to have noodle soup for dinner again- I can tell we're almost back to Vietnam! Squeezing lime wedges and dropping handfuls of bean sprouts into my beefy broth was a good, good feeling. And then the squirt of fish sauce: a little bowl of heaven.

What's Laos all about? I'll be reporting as soon as I start to find out.


serena said...

yay, jess! congratulations! that's wonderfully exciting news.

on another note... how will you ever be able to eat out here in the states after becoming so accustomed to such yummy food???

well, i'll tell you!

you can come and visit me and chilly when you return, because a thai restaurant just opened up here in boone, that's how!!!

it is fast becoming my favorite spot for lunch. i can see why you like the food there so much! ;)

loving u, sister.

Karen said...

Wooo Jess! Congratulations! Yahooooooeee!

Chris Michel said...

Ditto Karen's comment -- add a whoo hoo for me!

It sounds like everyone's getting good news. Maybe it's Laos.. but probably it's that you're both awesome.

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr