10 January, 2007

Still loving life in Bangkok

Not in the most writy of moods, just beacuse it's a new day in Bangkok and there's so much to try for lunch, so I'll keep this quick. We checked out of our room this morning, but they're holding our backpacks so that we can walk around unfettered. Found a place that washes your laundry for $1 a kilo, have to pick it up by 5pm. Gotta be at the train station by 9pm. Today's mission: finally get a massage and buy snacks for the train. And definitely have more green curry soup. Oh my god. Heaven in a bowl. Tomorrow I get to see Lauren! My Lauren, from Warren Wilson, here in Thailand! It almost doesn't seem possible.

Oh yeah: I have to get a foot massage, not a full body one, because yesterday I finally got the little skin cancer thingy on my back removed. Not the most savoury of blog subjects, but I just want to mention that the consultation, laser removal and medicine to put on it was all less than $30. I think it was a good choice to do it here.

If I ever again get the urge to sign up to be a nanny overseas, Bangkok is the place I would choose. And for all you young teacher out there: do you know about International Schools?? They're all over the world, in every country, and most of them will give you amazing packages including round trip airfare ever year, a housing stipend, local language lessons, and not only that you'd be teaching in a guarenteed good school. So cool. It may yet be in my future.

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