19 January, 2007

Next year... is foggy

Been thinking a lot about what I'll be doing next year. Part of me really wants to get my Masters. I think Prescott College in Arizona would be the best place, since it's an Interdisciplinary design-your-own-degree sort of thing, plus distance learning, which means I can be working on my degree by actually working, from anywhere I may live. That is especially appealing, since we're not sure which schools are going to accept Kenny and which might be the best option. We'd like to stay close to family (NC, New England, wherever C&K are), but want to be in a somewhat warm climate (to stave off seasonal grumpiness and bulky clothes), but also go wherever offers him money/will cause the least scary amount of debt (1 year of law school costs more than most new cars). But also, Kenny would love to go to a big name school where graduates are actively sought out for great paying exciting jobs-- and those places are not cheap, and are not all in warm places. So as usual, only time can sift all this down for us. Hopefully Kenny will have a clear choice so that we can make lots of pros&cons lists-- I love those. So far, it's looking good: some of the most attractive schools on the top of his list have asked for more info about him via the online application site, and the time for all applications to be in is nigh, which means soon schools will be making the cut. Exciting! And also a little strange knowing there's nothing else to be done on our end. Just check email every morning and send out as many good thoughts as possible.

As far as non-degree options for next year: I am still waiting for the Folk School to contact me. After a brief hopeful period (they sent a letter to my parents' house, saying I was being considered for the host position), things went downhill fast (half of my reference letters hadn't made it, my emails weren't answered until after all the 2007 positions were filled, and I've written monthly for the last two months inquiring politely but firmly as to the 2008 positions, which I'm almost sure are filled by this point, with no reply). Arggh! Is it meant to be that all the wonderful art schools I talk to turn out to be flaky and uncommunicative? Come on, Folk School, I thought I knew you better than that. Can't you see we'd be perfect for each other?? Arghh again. But (trying to be positive here) maybe this will be the time that they do write back, and say "oh yes, look, now we have all your reference letters, and there's still a position open sometime in the next decade, would you officially like it?" And then I will officially accept and they will write back immediately to confirm it and then I won't have to wonder any more.

If I hear nothing from them, I'm going to be disappointed, but there's still a few options I'm really interested in pursuing: I've been talking for some time about beginning a Waldorf teacher training course, which would cost more money than I have, but many places offer teach as you learn opportunities, which could ease the financial burden a little. Also, I'm not above taking out a loan: I've got great credit (thank the lord and Citicard) and then K and I could have fun paying our loans off together while celebrating our new status as actual lawyer/waldorf teacher. Is that wacky thinking? Hmm.

Another option would be to take a full time teaching job for the '07-'08 school year, but I *really* don't want to. I'm having a change of heart regarding my degree. I still love theatre, but I don't think that teaching it all day in a school setting is what I want to do. I would love to work for a community theatre or camp or something a little less 8-5ish. Let's see what I can find in [wherever we'll be living].

So, all pondering aside, I'm not worried that much. I want to know, but I've always been relentlessly curious about my immediate future. I'll be okay not knowing for a few more months. But oh, when I do find out... a slew of internet research will begin! A veritable flood!

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