01 January, 2010

2010 Begins

I love planning ahead and I love lists, so I always feel a little secretly ashamed when people denounce New Years resolutions, because I LOVE THEM. I just looked through my blog archives to see what my Resolutions were for last year, or the year before, or possibly even the year before, and you know what's weird? I have never posted any. Seriously, look at my 1/1/07 entry from Cambodia: no lists, just descriptions of beautiful, beautiful Phu Quoc. Or my post on 1/2/08 (close enough), where I outline all the finished knits from the calendar year but there's not a single bullet point to be found. What's the deal? Surely I've blogged about New Years Resolutions before...? I guess not. Well here we go, then. I'll limit it to three, because that's the magic number, and easy to remember:

Things about which I am totally resolved:
(Or: 2010: These Things Will Happen)

1. I will reach my goal weight of 150 lbs before my wedding on 5/22/10. This means continuing to stay faithful to my calorie intake counting, moving my booty, and generally making choices that will feel good for hours, not just mouth moments. CAN Do! HALFWAY THERE! Enough already! 2010 is the Year of the 150 Pound Woman (or, you know, thereabouts.)

2. I will finish all the knit projects that I have currently in progress. I'm looking at you, Chevron Scarf, wedding shawl, purple Fair Isle cardigan, brown cabled cuffs sweater, and long pair of mittens (of which there is only actually one). Following through on projects that were once, at some point, so important and fun that I had to start them right away, and not being distracted by shiny new ones. Ravelry queue, you can just sit back and hold on for awhile. 2010 is the Year of the Finished Knits.

3. I will pay off at least half of my student debt. We know now that we'll be in Williamsburg for another school year, so I have that as my goal: by June 2011 I SHALL HAVE NO MORE DEBT. Boo yeah! I just decided that, right now! It shall be done. 2010 is the Year of Almost Being Finished with Paying Off Loans (that can be the working title for now.)

So there you have it. 2010: the Year of the 150 Pound Woman who Finishes Knits and Almost Pays off her Loans.

I like it. :)


Gina said...

Happy New Year, girl!

Anonymous said...

Great to see I'm not the only person that includes knitting and weight in their list for 2010.


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