06 January, 2010

So, New Years came and went...

And I got a new co-host! That there is Conway, and he is great.

And Kenny stayed here at the Folk School with me for almost 2 weeks.

(That's us on New Years Eve, looking very 2009, I might add.)

And I took a week off from classes to clean my new room, read (!), and finally get around to doing those little things that pile up and make you feel like you're not doing a good job being a grown up (this week I finally sewed new buttons onto my winter coat, which had been hanging askew for weeks, new buttons still in my pocket). Also, before Kenny left, we managed to book our wedding venue and hire a wedding consultant (a friend who has been the "personal assistant" to many local brides, and really knows her stuff). So I feel like I'm not totally ignoring the impending date. 137 days to go, people!

Next week: GLASS BEADS! Finally. I've got an itch that only some Moretti glass and a Hot Head torch can scratch.

Hope the first week of 2010 has been good to you so far!

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