07 January, 2010


Today it snowed in Brasstown! Doesn't it look just like powdered sugar? Apparently this doesn't happen too often around here (despite the 13" accumulation, aka the Snowpocalypse, which happened a mere 2 hours NE of here in Asheville), so everyone is excited. I am excited because when it started falling, it was no ordinary snowfall: I guess the wetness + the coldness was just at that perfect point to create SNOW CRYSTALS THAT LOOKED LIKE MINIATURE STARS. I am not even kidding. At first I thought someone was throwing handfuls of die-cut confetti from the treetops because seriously, these little tiny perfect stars all over the ground? Simply unbelievable. LOOK!

(So sorry for the horrible iPod closeups.) Aren't they magical? Don't they look like stars? Well, stars and sea salt.

I took these photos as I walked back from the glass beads class, who very kindly let me come watch so I can start getting excited about next week. You know, I've been so patient... letting my bead frenzy lie dormant while the past 2 years have just ticked by, waiting for me to have an appropriate space to set up my torch... but as of today the desire for melting and turning clicked in and I WANT IT SO BAD. That heaviness, the feeling of molten glass and the colors and the sounds... I've really missed it. Glass glass glass. I cannot wait.

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Al de Cruz said...

got you an amazing imagination in appreciating nature..

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr