24 January, 2010

300 Posts!

I just realized that I reached 300 posts here about, oh, three posts ago. I didn't celebrate when I got to 200, but I did do a little capsule update on the 100th Postiversary (which was April 16, 2007-- and it's crazy that that is over two years ago. What the heck?)

To celebrate, I'm reposting what I wrote on that day in April, from the snowy spring in Vermont, with updaty-type comments in bold. This is completely narcissistic, but isn't that what blogging is, in its truest form? Read on if you're interested, all 9 of you.

***** ***** ***** whooshing you back to 2007***** ***** *******
(me, then-- pretty much exactly the same as me, now)

You are all invited to my 100 Posts celebration, in celebration of the fact that I've now posted 100 times to this blog.
When: Now
Where: Here
RSVP: you just did!
Wow, thanks for coming, everyone. Here's a quick update:

-I am being flown down to Williamsburg for a job interview at a most excellent Montessori school, which would be grand for several reasons, the top reasons being a) the job title includes lots of creative artistic work being done with younger children and b) it's full time with benefits and c) the director seems like someone I would very much like to work with and she understands a living-and-working synthesis that I would like very much for my life and d) it's in Williamsburg, close to the campus where Kenny will be squeezing out his brains every day. So, here's hoping I am suave and smooth and relaxed come the interview weekend. (Dude, I got that job and loved it, and am still loving it, albeit from afar, temporarily. So glad that one worked out as smoothly as it did. Here's to at least one more great year at WMS.)

-I'm in Princeton right now, hanging out with people that I like and care for very much, enjoying a respite from the snows of Vermont. (Ahh, Princeton! How sad that the Shimizu clan has moved on from your hallowed streets. It still hasn't really hit me that my future Father- and Step Mom-in-law have moved to the West Coast. I miss it and them very much.)

-I've been doing some hot glass work in the basement, which makes me feel good, since it was such a financial investment to set up my own studio. (See very recently posted entry for the extreme happiness it brings me to finally have come back to this.)

-let's see... oh yes, have successfully knit two pairs of socks (one for me, one baby-sized which will be mailed off to a Canadian-Vietnamese baby quite soon) (Alisa and Duy now have two daughters. Holy crap. There's nothing like someone else's baby to make you wonder what the heck you've been doing with your time...)

-I weathered a stomach-flu (not mine) last week, and am always proud of myself when I manage to manage someone else's vomiting without screaming and running away. I was actually quite maternal and caring. Sweet. (Ah, yes, that time when Kei threw up for 24 hours straight, just totally cementing the fact that I will not ever eat peas. Not that I was uncertain about that at any point, mind you.)

-I reckon that's it for now. Life is good. (And it still is.)

Thanks for reading! See you at 400?

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