22 March, 2009

It's a Gwynn Valley sort of evening

sunset at the gatehouse
Evening is finally coming later these days and for the first time since fall, the smell of mown grass is in the air. Tonight as I was walking out of the grocery store with a simple, light, springtime dinner in my canvas bag, I got a strong sensation, a very familiar one: iit's time to be back at camp.

Because I started living at Gwynn Valley every summer since the summer after my 19th year, it's no wonder that warm evenings take me instantly back there in my mind. I automatically inhale deeply every time I get even the slightest whiff of milkweed, and come twilight there's absolutely no place I'd rather be.

So now I'm back in my apartment, listening to SDT's recording of Debbie playing "Sheep May Safely Graze" (the ultimate wander-back-to-your-cabins-in-the-gathering-dusk song) and wishing I were there.

I wish you were there, too! Yes, you!

Photo by NatShots Photography, all rights reserved. Thanks, Nat!

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chris michel said...

it's 25 degrees outside right now, and yesterday there was a little snow. I wish I were anywhere else.

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