08 March, 2009

Oh yes, and I knit a small scarf

Almost on accident. I just picked up two spare balls that had been hanging around for some time (one each of Noro Cash Iroha and Silk Garden) and cast on, oh, who knows, fifty-something stitches. I put it next to the bed and every once in awhile I knit a few rows, striping every two of course, and slipping the first stitches knitwise of course, and then when I was almost out of yarn I realized, "hey, this thing is going to be really short" so I put in my 1st ever keyhole.

mini noro scarf, FO

It works! This ball of Silk Garden was seriously wacky. Someone at the Noro factory decided to tie on a completely new color at the end, so I had this deep blue fading nicely (as it does) into purple and all of a sudden, there's a knot, and then TEAL! So I stopped at the knot, cast off, and used the teal for a loopy i-cord border, a la the Pinwheel Jacket (I told you I'd do it, Holly).

Quick and easy and hopefully useful. Just (k1, p1) til you run out of yarn. I could see another one of these in my future...

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