30 March, 2009

My thesis has been written and sent!!!

Late last night I put the finishing touches on a very rough draft. That up there is sort of what it was looking like to me at 2:20am. Early this morning I was playing with sticking parts of .pdf files together to make them equal something of a manageable emailing size. And around 10am today... whoosh.

That's what you see when you scroll allllll the way down the .pdf in Preview. That's right-- 169 pages and a dang good looking picture section.

Now to get the Talent Show up and running (today is our full run-through, tomorrow is the show!) and three classes prepped for their Grandparents' Day performance this Friday (which is also Ken's and my 5 year anniversary!). Gotta plan something there, too...

And then Spring Break!


chris michel said...

Congratulations twice, and good luck once!

Gina said...

woooooo hoooooooo!

Leanne said...

Super congrats on finishing your thesis! What a milestone accomplishment.

WendyZ said...

That's great!! Congratulations! I'd love to hear more about it... is it discussed on the blog somewhere??

I'm on Flickr a lot.

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