01 April, 2009

Because I am a following follower, and also a fan of abdominal improvement

Apparently, while I was out of the loop due to thesis writing, a bunch of knitters started hoola hooping for fun & fitness. I had been reading little mentions here and there on the Blogosphere, but I didn't realize it was, like, a full-blown thing. (And, um, also it seems to have been on Regis & Kathy Lee and also Beyonce does it. Where have I been??)

And wouldn't ya know, the moment I did realize how many people were/are currently jumping right on that bandwagon (Rav link), I wanted on. Badly. Last night I fell asleep soothing my post-talent-show-production nerves by window shopping at all the various online options for purchasing a fitness hoop (which is bigger and heavier than the kiddie hoops one might pick up at the local big box store).

Here's what I found out, just in case you're also feeling bandwagonny and in need of some resculpting around the middle:
Hoopnotica- looks pretty sexy. They definitely have the slickest website, and a very cool product lineup. I want their travelhoop, which breaks down into a bunch of pieces and has a carrying tote, but it is a little pricey, given that I haven't actually tried hooping for fitness yet. I mean it seems like something I'd like and be good at, but it's not worth my $40 plus shipping plus waiting for it to be back in stock to guess. That's one of their main people, Rayna, up there, photographed for the NY Times and found on Flickr.

RainbowFrogs77- has an Etsy shop where she sells the hoops that she makes, adult sized and everything, but for $10!! Wicked. Plus, they're not yet decorated which means I can also interstalk some cool decorative tape ideas (which, conveniently, can be found here. Have fun with the shiny things.)

SpiritHoops- These seem like a good halfway point between the two above. A little more of a handmade feel, not so slick with the sexy video girls (not that I'm dissing them-- I'd love to BE them), and they have a hoop that twists down to become half it's size.

A basic Google search brings up lots of options, actually-- Body Hoop, the Energy Hoop, the Sports Hoop-- but I like the three above best. After more stalkage today after work, I went with the 2nd option. Etsy love. I can't wait for my hoop to get here! I told myself I'd wait until I got a little practice in before shelling out for the pretty tape. But I do want a hoop workout DVD to go with it. Back to the forums...

Go read a bit at Hooping Magazine online. Or read about how to make your own for really cheap. And then tell me you honestly wouldn't have any fun doing this.

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