07 April, 2009

MC: Days 1 & 2

Wow, thanks for all the feedback I got from so many of you who have done this before! I've really enjoyed hearing all the gory details, believe it or not. It helps me feel less uncertain about some of the processes I'll be going through the next 8 days or so.

I spent my 1st full days of the Cleanse babysitting. This was challenging, because I had to focus my energy somewhat and also keep giving firm but polite reasons why I really did not want a hot dog, or popcorn, or some "roast." All of which sounded pretty delicious, of course, but my objectives for abstaining remain strong!

Truth be told, I haven't had much hunger to speak of yet. I think easing in with a pre-cleanse diet of raw fruits & veg did help a whole lot. Monday was Day 1 and I had so much energy that after babysitting and walking a friend's dog I went to my usual group weight training class at the gym... but about halfway through I suddenly ran out of oomph entirely. I lazed through the end of class doing really slow reps and then went to pick up Kenny from school, and by the time 9pm rolled around I felt like I was being pulled downward onto the nearest soft surface. I fell asleep observing an acute headache clamping down on my temples, which didn't worry me too much.

Day 2 dawned with slightly more mental clarity than usual, and I accomplished a lot of chores (including packing the car for my trip to see my parents) all before 9:00am. I spent the whole day babysitting again, which was way less thrilling than yesterday, and involved several fantasy games in which I was the customer at a restaurant and was being served by my ward. I discovered that even though I didn't technically feel hungry, I was really enjoying describing what I wanted to eat to the mini-hostess. Among the things I picked were eggs over easy with sourdough toast; creme brulee; blueberry pancakes. Think I've got some sugar issues to deal with here?!

I'm looking forward to the part of the cleanse when the detox really starts getting nasty. So far I have a fuzzy tongue and teeth but that's about it. Tomorrow I get to hang out with my Mom all day, and we're going to IKEA(!). Hooray!

p.s.- I'm sort of avoiding the Salt Water Flush. You who know, know what I mean. I think that next time I do the Cleanse, it will be a definite part of the experience, but seeing as the really profound results come in at around day 6-7 of consecutive SWFing, and I can only do it once or twice this time due to traveling, I'm going to stick with the lax tea instead. Surely, I will still reap some benefits anyway? I find it hard to believe that without the SWF, the Cleanse is no good. Feel free to weigh in if you've tried it either way.

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