14 April, 2009

Day 9 is done!

I can't believe I've made it this far, and at the same time it really flew by. In fact, as unbelievable as it may sound, I sort of feel like I'm just hitting my stride. Kenny decided halfway through Sunday that he wanted to join me in the cleanse, but didn't ease in, just started with the lemonade, and tonight he is happily munching whole wheat pasta with seafood marinara on the couch beside me. I don't even mind, because I know how hard it can be to start fasting right after eating loads of dairy/meaty/bready foods. It feels like death. So it's okay, honey. As long as you don't mind my nose hovering closer and closer to your dinner.

Day 9 was a very evenly-keeled day, although I had to work harder to distract myself from the constant food smells which envelop the office every day. Whatever our school is having for lunch, you'll know before you even walk in the main door. Sometimes it's even hot & muggy in there due to the steam from the kitchen. Somedays it smells delicious (pizza day, tater tots day) and somedays not (baked fish day). I don't even know what we had today, but it made my stomach do a long, slow growl every hour or so. I savored my lemonade.

In other news, we got a new roommate today! Well, apartment-mate. After a long search which resulted in lots of college kids who didn't need a room until June, we finally heard from Lauren, a Colby grad who has never lived in Williamsburg. She seems very easygoing and likable! It'll be so awesome to be able to save half our rent each month and put it towards the wedding/economy failure fund.

Tomorrow is my last day of cleansing, although I can totally understand why lots of people believe that 10 days is the minimum. I'm still, how shall we say, excreting. I'd love to just keep fasting until I'm totally in the clear, but with Yoshi's big celebration this coming weekend I need to start easing out on Thursday. Fresh squeezed OJ + carrot juice with ginger is on the menu, as well as miso soup (oh my god HOT FOOD!). On Friday I'll have a salad and maybe some roasted veggies w/ quinoa.

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