09 April, 2009

Two FOs to show you!

As I was wrapped up in thesisville, I couldn't get these photographed/edited/uploaded with a clear conscious. But now I have nothing but sunshine and time to fiddle around with the computer, so here we go:

1. Toe-up rainbow socks (Ravelry project page), as blogged about right here back when they were about 6" high. I was so determined to knit until I ran out of yarn but I just couldn't work on them any more one day a few weeks ago and had to stop. the. knitting.
This is how tall they got before I ran screaming from them, tiny little leftover red balls trailing behind me.

The heelflaps didn't work out for me on these, which I blame on the feet inexplicably growing by 2 inches when I blocked them. WTF?

Yeah, about that yarn growing: I feel like this happens with most of my blocking attempts. I'm not lifting the wet projects up and letting them stretch themselves out or anything; maybe it has to do with the way I walk on the towels to soak up the extra moisture? Maybe it's my yarn choices? Anyway, beware when blocking the KnitPicks sock blanks.

Anyway, number 2: my 2nd pair of baby booties! (Ravelry project page)
baby booties
(god bless ComicLife and screenshots for making me look a lot better with a Mac than I am.)
I love making these! I can use leftover sock yarn, and it's a pattern that's been around for ages and ages, written down in different formats and whatnot (most of the women I show them to go, "oh, I knit those once" even if they haven't knit for 30 years), so I'm thinking it might be okay to make lots of them and sell them on Etsy or in local shops. Whattya think?

I started a cowl that's working out beautifully so far. It's the popular Good Luck Cowl (non-Rav link here) in my 1st ever Koigu yarn. It's springy and nice, of course, but it's also twisted a little firmly for me. Hmm. Maybe my tastes aren't as classy as I thought.

Also being worked on slowly and in fits and starts is the 2nd Phiaro Scarf (which I blogged about over a month ago, here).
(doesn't it look so funnily unlike a shawl in it's pre-dropped state? Imagine all those purled columns dropped down into long ladders. The large swath of stockinette is, of course, the fringe...)

[I'm also still working on the old silky brown pullover from last November (sigh), but since no new progress has happened, no new pictures need be taken.]

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