02 March, 2009

These carefree days are over

Last night I promised, out loud and in front of witnesses, that if the Universe saw fit to bestow on us a snow day, then I would spend said day writing my thesis. Sure enough, the big U came through with not only no work, but no gym, and no fiance (he walked to school in this, can you believe it?).

So I'm off, as in offline, as soon as I post this. Turning off the wireless, settling down with some diet brand name cola and a pad of paper and lots of miscellaneous Word documents, just waiting for their turns to be picked over, scrubbed up, and turned into Chapters (of which there will be 8, not including extras like the introduction, conclusion, bibliography, glossary, and so on). Fun times lie ahead!

Way back in the day when I was a Pro crastinator (that would be yesterday, yes), I was knitting on these socks for the February installment of the Sock Down Challenge of 2009:

Toe-up Feather & Fan Rainbow socks
(click to see 'em on Flickr)

But now I have cast them aside, not even to be glanced at. At least not until tonight when I'll certainly be dizzy from all the screen time and in need of some restorative fibers. They're so almost done, but not quite, so this is not an FO post. I will just say that with these socks I tried out a mysterious new way of making a heel flap, plus got to use up some wee little Noro bits left over from 2007. Rock.

Here I go...

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