08 March, 2009


I'm making another Phiaro scarf, this time for keeps. When I made Keto's version (pictured above), I followed the pattern exactly, and it wasn't until I dropped all those stitches down that I realized I should have employed the same tricks that are out there for Clapotis.

So this time, I'm purling what will be the dropped panels of stitches, and twisting (knitting through the back loop) the stitches that border each of the dropped panels. Word on the street is that a twisted stitch next to a dropped-on-purpose stitch makes for a much stronger, tidier border. I'm sure that techknitting has explained this much better than I can, and with pretty images, too.

Also, I'm not going to drop all those stitches down until after I've dyed the whole thing. I think I've become someone who doesn't like off-white because it just looks like dirty, yellowing white. So this creamy colored blob I'm working on here will be garment-dyed this summer at camp, probably a vermillion, because I don't trust the reds not to wash out and turn pink on the silk. And pink would be a horrible disappointment. But lemon... that's just fine.

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