10 April, 2009

How Day 4 went down

Day 4, Thursday, was just one of the best days I've had in a long time. This whole week has been awesome, come to think of it. This makes 2 years in a row where I've had a fabulous Spring Break, and both weeks have had a few essential things in common: time with my parents, time in Asheville, time with Sara and Lauren...

So yesterday I did my 2nd Salt Water Flush, which went even more smoothly (heh) than the 1st. Knowing I wasn't going to get sick was a big part of the mental ease, and then things progressed faster than they had the day before. I think I was all out of water by 2.5 hours in. So I packed up my things (many more things than I came with, thanks to IKEA!) and went to my Dad's house.

I am very lucky to have the parents that I have, all 3 of them. They are each incredibly talented in different ways and offer their skills to me when I need them. Having not found the right curtain for our cheap-ass kitchen door, my Mom let me pick out fabric and some trim and then she just whipped one up for me, even though she could have been doing other things. My step-dad routinely changes the oil on my car, hooks me up with great new music (most recently: Sometymes Why), and all three of them will probably help make the music merry at my wedding next year. Anyway, yesterday I went to my Dad's so he could help me with a musical project.

At the end of the year I'm responsible for picking a piece for the Upper Elementary class to sing at their graduation ceremony. Last year we did an a capella "Let There Be Peace on Earth (and Let it Begin With Me") which was so sweet. This year I want to utilize a genius piano-playing 6th grader so I wanted to bring a song with accompaniment. The song I want to teach them, however, I learned from a blind piano player at my summer camp who has just been playing it the same way for probably 50 years and I have no way of extracting from her the exact way that it should be played. So rather than just sing the song to the 6th grader and let him make something up, I went to my awesome Dad who, in the space of like 45 minutes, let me sing the song to him, came up with a basic chord structure that he let me offer input on, tinkered with filling out the arrangement, added an intro, and then put it all into Finale. In minutes it was printed out professionally and I even had a CD of the accompaniment so I could play it for the kids the first time I sing the song for them. ROCK!

Then my birthday present was, well, presented:

That's right, kids. I am now a 2nd generation accordian player!! This is made even more fabulous by the fact that my Dad has played since he was in elementary school, Kenny's Mom plays, one of my best friends is taking lessons, and accoridans seem to be making a general comeback in the cool crowd. I'm so excited (as you can see! Don't judge my "whee" face!).

Then I packed it all up, said thank you thank you I'm so excited thank you, took a walk to the grocery store to get Vitamufin mix (aw, yeah) and some Jarro-dophilous (gotta keep the good in while the bad goes out) and hit the highway, pointing myself due west.

Asheville. Coffee shop. Bear hugs with friends. Contra dancing myself into a state of rapture. Sharing sweat with hundreds. Laughing out loud at the genius and surprise of the music. Hanging at Waffle House with a cup of hot lax tea. Back to Warren Wilson (oh, home of countless memories) and into the shower, and into bed. I was lucky enough to score a newly vacated single room in my friends' suite and I awoke at dawn.

I slept not so great, but that's okay: today hold even more wonders (including seeing friends I usually only get to see in the summer months) and a trip to a yarn store. Hallelujah, and see you tomorrow!

P.S. I felt some real hunger yesterday, but it's not surprising as it was a very active day and I burned hundreds of calories at the dance. Bring me some lemonade!!!

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