11 April, 2009

Days 5 & 6 together in one lump

Cause that's sort of how it felt. Get up early Friday morning, drive to Brevard in a HUGE thunder and lightning storm, deposit check from Dad (thanks, dad!) meet friends for breakfast but don't eat, go to camp and look at new construction and laugh with Cate, Barbara and Andy, do a pitiful half-hike with Sarah and then get really tired, go to Poppies organic market and experience complete food lust. Go back to Sarah's and watch "Rachel Getting Married" while teaching Sarah how to knit. Felt very cold, it was hard to stay warm.

Saturday morning, get up early, drive with Sarah all the way up 19E past Penland (stopped in to say hello to my amazing aunt & uncle), went to a dance in Avery county (Lift Ticket! Yeah!), drove by Boone real quick to Sarah could see it and eat at Angelica's (I didn't eat, more food lust ensued), drove back to Swannanoa, now I'm crashed out on a couch enjoying the internet. Ahh.

So, the lax tea continues to um, inspire things. I'm can't believe there's still things to be laxed out of me. Hmm. I wasn't hungry for the 1st 3 days and now I'm realizing that the last 4 are going to feel very, very long. I'm off to read some inspiring thoughts by Marce, who must be almost done by now...

Rumble rumble.

Must remember why I'm doing this. And that all that delicious food will still be there when I'm done getting clean. And that I need to eat to live, not live to eat.

Off to a birthday party...

[this was written when I was really tired, and now an hour later, after drinking the last of my day's lemonade stuff, I feel much better. Clearer. I'm looking forward to coming home and doing the SWF again, so that I can re-focus on the "getting rid of" part and not the "I can't eat food" part. Being active really effects how I feel on this cleanse, as well as being around food. My major trigger for cravings (going grocery shopping) happened twice in the past two days, just because I was hanging out with friends, and I think that tomorrow, when I'm just driving and not wandering around in EarthFare, I'll feel much more sustained and less deprived.]

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