16 April, 2009

Day 10, and thoughts on ending

Yesterday afternoon I was hallucinating smells. Various food smells and the smells of cooking (the smell of a hot oven, for example) floated by me so strongly that I kept asking the kids around me if they smelled it, too. That convinced me that making it all the way through Day 10 and waking up to eating was no more noble than closing Day 10 with a steaming bowl of miso broth. So that's what I did. And it was SO GOOD.

Once I had the soup and let my stomach sort of get used to hot liquids, I then cautiously munched on a slice of avocado, and then a handful of pecans. Yum! This morning I had warm applesauce and a bit of a pancake that I made for a 6-year-old friend that Kenny and I babysat overnight. I was so full after that small amount of food. Today's business is letting all that fully digest--I'll be drinking fresh-squeezed orange/carrot juice (watered down) for the rest of the day. Easy does it... there's a feast coming this weekend. I feel a little heady with freedom now that food in general is back on the menu, but I want to be really, really careful that I don't let myself convince myself that those Dunkin Donuts over there are something I want in my body. No no no. Not with these freshly cleaned innards.

And now back to your regularly scheduled knitting/ grad school blog!

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