08 April, 2009

Salt Water Flush, the 1st

Okay, just writing up my own wimpishness last night motivated me to actually do the dang thing. This morning I got up around 7 and stirred up my 1st "internal scouring" solution. I was pleased and surprised to realize that I am apparently one of the few people who don't find the taste disgusting. It's not as salty tasting as I thought it would be, and I didn't gag at all (fear #1). I drank it very cold (which was the worst part, but the only filtered water here comes out of the fridge) and licked a lemon wedge in between gulps. I laid down on my right side (while reading this article on banh mi-- yum) and 90 minutes later I still haven't felt any, um, urge to go. This is fear #2: retaining all that salt. Come on, lower intestines!

ETA: Okay, 3 hours after the fact. I don't want to be too graphic here, but the SWF has worked it's way out. It's not nearly as dramatic as one might think, in fact the senna tea gives me way more cramping. The salt water is aptly named "flush."

Okay that's it for today! Thanks for reading probably way more details than you wanted!

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