21 October, 2009

Fair Isle Heaven

Both hands
Now use both hands
Oh don't close your eyes...
-Ani DiFranco

Who knew Ms. DiFranco was talking about knitting?

It feels like it's been awhile since I wrote, and for that I am sorry. It's been a great week here, but there is a bit of family woe going on, and I didn't feel like writing, and the internet has been weird, and this sentence has too many commas. And I'm also in the Best Class Ever! (So far.) For the last 3 days I have been fully immersed, and I mean glued to my chair, in the world of Shetland and Fair Isle knitting patterns. And history. And theory. And practice-- lots of practice (I may or may not have worn a hole into my left index finger. I'm not telling). I made this mitten as my sampler:


You like? It's actually finished now, with some cheeky blue triangles adorning the fingertip part. And now I have moved on to a stranded little purple something on which I shall perform my first steek (!!!). The knitting goodness abounds at the Folk School lately: Jenna has learned to cable, Lenee has gone from a non-knitter to a kntitting-in-the-round-and-mastering-ribbing knitter, and Barb is making steady progress on her first project: an alpaca vest. Nice, huh? We're a crafty bunch. I'm also very happy today because I showed up to dance practice for the NW Morris Team, the Dames Rockets, and totally got accepted. Sweet! It was my favorite kind of difficult: the kind you can pick up on just enough to offer a tantalizing glimpse of what it will feel like when you've got it down pat. It's complicated but SO FUN. And I get to clunk around in wooden shoes that look just like my ever-present Danskos-- but with wooden soles. Beat that. After that I had practice for the Garland team, which is also good fun.

It's been extremely cold here, but it stopped raining, so there's that. I'm doing good on my eating-well plan. This weekend I'm off again so I'm going to SAFF. And there's a teacher here from my Elementary School! Hello, familiar face!

And now, please enjoy some prize snaps from class. More to come.
Martha Owen discusses technique

Martha Owen discusses color selection

Some Shetland inspiration that was passed around our class. Many oohs and ahhs.

My teacher (right), her daughter and assistant (middle), and husband (left) sing some morning songs.

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