29 October, 2009

What's kept me busy for so long?

My last entry reported on the end of my week in Fair Isle Knitting, and now I'm reporting on the last day (almost) of my polymer clay class! Where did the time go? Here's a sneak peak:

As you can see, I've been learning how to coax polymer clay, my old wham-bam standby, into looking like ivory, turquoise, lapis lazuli, jade, tiger's eye, lava, and malachite (in my order of favorites) plus banded agate, red jasper, antique coin, and faux concrete (the ones I didn't feel the urge to try-- although once I saw my classmates' pieces in agate I sort of wished I'd made some). Our teacher was the truly fabulous Irene Semanchuk Dean, who taught the class like an actual teacher who thinks in a linear fashion and has a plan in her head of what needs to happen and when. It was awesome, and I came out knowing so very, very much more about polymer clay than I had before. All the Sculpey III that has passed in such crude forms through my hands... if only I knew then what I know now... and I only had a 5 day class! If anyone is interested at all in intermediate polymer clay techniques, especially faux natural surfaces, take a class with this lady. She lives in Asheville and demonstrates at the Folk Art Center often. For those not near Asheville, just buy one of her many books (the class was based on this one) from your local book-gettin' place.

I want to keep this short because tomorrow (hopefully) I'll have a SLEW of amazing goodies to post on here and show off-- all on their way to my Etsy shop! The gift-giving season is moving quickly towards us, and I would love to sell you some of my beautifully crafted handmade soaps, or the freshly minted polymer beauties I've been churning out all week. Please mention my store in your own blogs, if you can and are willing, because I'd love to spread this Folk School bounty far and wide!

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