12 October, 2009

Self-sufficiency is a lovely thing

Jeeeeeeeezus. Today was harder than the last 2 weeks put together (and those weeks included Fall Festival). One trip to the hospital, a kajillion errands, two overflowing toilets, two students switching classes (meaning 4 teachers to explain things to), one instructor social to set up and run and take down, my first day in soapmaking class, rain, mail to deliver, a 6-foot-tall screen to transport across campus, phones not working, phones not being answered, bosses going AWOL at crucial moments, not one but 4 students who somehow did not get the message that their towels are inside their bedrolls and therefore have come looking for towels when they do not actually need them, two teachers who wanted to switch rooms changing their minds and no one told me they had already contacted someone else who was going to give them her room and so she never got told and had totally moved out and then had no idea she didn't have anywhere to move into... and a partridge in a pear tree.

Over and out. I need to knit and watch some Hulu.


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