04 October, 2009

Planning time off

Meeting to talk about weekends off didn't happen as fast as I thought it would, and I sort of stalled on remembering what Big World Events are happening when, and all this basically means is that I am skipping LEAF again this year but will finally get to go to SAFF.

It's almost the same, but with two effs and an ess, right?

But seriously folks, who needs round-the-clock contra dancing when there is beautiful roving to be fondled? And possibly eating more Festival food (not that I can even think about that after this weekend. Ugh.) And it's $3 to get in as opposed to a hundred-and-whatever LEAF is charging these days. And I don't have to freeze in a tent. Hey Sarah, I'm staying with you on the 24th, okay?

Bring on the sheep competitions,

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