04 October, 2009

Fall Festival!

(Pearl and Annie Fain singing old songs)

(Garland dancers silhouetted at the Festival Barn stage)

When I arrived here a week ago yesterday, people were already talking (okay, stressing out) about Fall Festival. I couldn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes, but over ten thousand people are currently milling around the Folk School, listening to little bluegrass and old time bands play on the two stages, and watching Morris dancers, Garland dancers, cloggers, and storytellers do their things in between. There are craftspeople demonstrating blacksmithing, timber framing, spinning and weaving, wood carving, and wood turning. There are 250 vendors, or thereabout, and more festival food than you can shake your ever-expanding booty at. (Yesterday I had an Italian sausage, some ribbon fries, a candy apple, some barbeque, and helped polish off a bag of kettle corn. Oh my GOD.) All the fields are full of cars, and all the paths are full of onlookers doing the slow-walk shuffle. We hosts and workstudies and maintenance workers are going full tilt (well, when we're not hiding) doing all kinds of random jobs.

Here are some highlights and things I thought were too beautiful to not pass without even a reminder.

I LOVE this ring.

I got yelled at for taking this picture!?

Poor cats.

The everpresent alpaca farm.

Hooray for friends who visit!

We're off to explore it all again before it's time to gear up for another week of classes!

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Sandra D. said...

The cat balls caption is too funny! Love the Garland Dancers. Congratulations on getting the hang of two-handed stranded knitting; I think it makes the process easier. But it's really OK to carry both yarns in the same hand - lots of good knitters do. As Meg Swansen would say "Knitter's Choice." I hope I'll get to meet you at the Folk School - it would have been soon (I'm signed up for Pam's weaving class next week), but I'm going to have to postpone that. Enjoy your time there! (ps - I'm Skid on Ravelry)

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